Aldenham Country Park
Farm Fields Scene

Park Workshops

Workshops in the park area will introduce concepts of conservation and understanding of the natural world. 

Land Art

Students will use their creativity and imagination to manipulate natural materials to interpret their surroundings. Using inspiration from the Park and from artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, students can work in groups or independently to create three dimensional art that looks to enhance the landscape. Artistic concepts and the relationship between art, people and the environment will be explored.



Come along and have a go on our orienteering course! Use your map skills to navigate to all the wooden symbols spread around the country park and see if you can un-muddle the letters to find the hidden words!


Sensory Exploration (Early Years)

In this activity children will explore their five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. They will take a tour along the nature trail using their senses listening to the sounds of the park, create colourful bracelets, hide and find stones like a squirrel and evaluate the different textures of the natural forest floor. They will end this experience by mimicking the different minibeasts of the lakeside habitat.



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