Aldenham Country Park
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Winnie The Pooh

100 Aker Woods

Visit Winnie the Pooh and his friends’ houses as you follow the paths through the 100 Aker Woods, the beautiful walk is especially exciting for younger groups, and you can play ‘Pooh sticks’ on Pooh’s bridge and even post your own letters to Winnie the Pooh in his post box next to his house.

This area is free to explore around, but you can also get a 100 Aker Wood trail map from the farm shop, and appearances from Winne the Pooh can be booked for an additional cost.


Guest Appearance with Pooh Bear

Perfect for early Years classes, Pooh Bear can be available for meet and greet sessions with children of any ages. The meet and greet can happen around the 100 Aker Woods, in the woods cabin or outdoor playground.

This provides plenty of photo opportunities and lasts around 15 minutes.

Story telling with Pooh Bear

The Winnie the Pooh session is aimed at pre-school or reception classes.  The class will take a walk around 100 Aker wood character houses, where we encourage the children to read the signs as we pass them. Visit Winnie the Pooh’s house and enjoy a story telling with Pooh Bear and a member of the education team.

This activity lasts 45 minutes.


Pricing lists can be found on the Important Information tab at the top of the page.