Aldenham Country Park
Farm Fields Scene


Self-led Woodland Visits

The Nature Trail is free to explore and can be accessed next to the entrance to the farm, and has signs about the plant and animal species to look out for. This walk takes around 15 minutes, but you can of course go at your own pace and stop to appreciate nature. Species that you may see include squirrels, beetles and birds such as treecreepers, nuthatches, and even the odd parakeet.

The Woodland Adventures area next to the SEND playground is more suited for younger groups as it is fenced off on three sides, allowing for a safe environment to enjoy. It is free to explore on your own, but it is also where our Woodland Workshops take place if you would like a ranger guided session. 


Woodland Workshops

Bug Hunting

Learn about the bugs and beasts that that live on the forest floor, where to find them, how to handle them and some of their adaptations. We discuss what bugs are, why we need them (e.g. pollination and decomposition) and where they can be found. Students will then go hunting in small groups and collate all bugs into trays. We will discuss and identify what bugs have been found at the end of the session.

Animal Addresses and Adaptations 

All animals and people require shelter, security and food to survive. The children will explore the meaning of habitat and how creatures adapt to different environments. Students will learn about habitats using a group activity. As a class we will access where the animals live and what is special about them that enables them to live in their habitat successfully. In groups, students will then create a den for an animal.


Bear Hunt (EYFS)

Children can enjoy learning about what a bear needs to survive in the wild through listening to an inspiring story. We will then have a talk about how bears used to live in these woods, children will then divide into groups and find the things that bears need to live, they will then make dens.