Aldenham Country Park

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Indoor Facilities for SEND Families

Includes a large main hall where children can get creative with arts and crafts, play with lots of toys and a soft play ball pool for children to enjoy.


It is a versatile space which can accommodate a variety of possibilities including free play, creative activities and educational workshops. The lighting allows different moods, including coloured lights, bright work light and a softer option. Other smaller rooms provide a range of experiences, including sensory play and chill-out space.


Members have access all year or you can purchase a day pass which includes access to the indoor and outdoor play facilities.



Sensory Play

There are three separate sensory rooms, including a sensory soft play room and Sensi-Floor room where children can enjoy a range of interactive and fun games, educational programmes or just relax using our Sensi Technology and Floor mat. See Sensory Rooms


Sensory rooms


We have three separate sensory rooms each with a different focus and different facilities. Our first sensory room can be deeply calming and relaxing or highly stimulating and interactive. 


This is suitable for children and adults and has a colour changing harness, light tunnel, sound and projections equipment. All these are controlled from within the room and additional bean bag and cube controllers add to the user experience.


Soft sensory play


Our soft sensory play room provides a safe environment ideal to let off steam and play with little assistance needed, meet new friends and practice communication skills. 


Different lighting, learning and projection states with interactive sound and the option to play music allows a tailored experience. The light up ball pool encourages movement and balance to provide a relaxing play session and can provide deep pressure sensory input. 


Sensi-Floor play


Our Sensi-Floor facility has different programmes to learn and have fun or just let off steam. It works by overhead projection and motion detection. It can be used by individuals or as a team for a range of communication, visual tracking and motor skills. 


The Sensi-Floor can be used for a range of skill levels. It is great fun, easy to use and different programmes can be set to suit users preferences. This is a flexible resource and a great part of the sensory facilities available.